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- Improve vision in early diabetic retinopathy.

- Reduce blood viscosity and alleviate blood stasis.

- Improve symptoms caused by peripheral circulatory


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Alfalfa Chlorophyll

NewCo Spi-Ginkgo, which is formulated with spirulina and ginkgo, is one of the perfect combinations of natural medicine and nutrition. The former is rich in essential nutrients while the latter is well known for its ability to support memory function and good blood circulation, which is critical for adequate delivery of nutrients to vital organs. What is amazing is that the comprehensive nutrition provided by both spirulina and ginkgo is in quantities required by the human body. The natural support nutrients are easily digested and thus, can be properly assimilated into the body to regulate physiological function, boost metabolism and enhance immunity. Based on the synergistic efficacy of spirulina and ginkgo in preventing and improving various health problems, they can be deemed as "The best food of diet therapy for the 21st century".

Ingredients : Spirulina platensis 150mg , Gingko Biloba 50mg

Recommended Dosage : Children (2-12 years old) ------- Chew 5 tablets per day. Adult ----------------------------------- Chew 10 tablets per day.

Direction of use : Take it with warm water, best before meal.


Weight control
Prevent anemia
Modulate immunity
Promote bone health
Protect against cancer
Normalize blood sugar and blood fat
Delay brain aging and prevent dementia