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- formulated with cow's first born milk

- nutritionally rich in a variety of unique and active immune substances,

- contribute to many health-promoting function


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Colostrum Powder (Premium)

NewCo9 Colostrum Powder is formulated with cow's first born milk immediately after birth where the cows are raised in a pollution-free environment in New Zealand. This product is nutritionally rich in a variety of unique and active immune substances, growth factors and immunoglobulin G in addition to abundant protein, milk calcium, vitamins and trace elements. Particularly, synergistic effects of antibodies, immune factors and growth factors contribute to many health-promoting functions, and thus, more efficient in preventing and alleviating diseases. In addition, beneficial effects of colostrum in promoting normal growth of cells, repairing tissues and healing wounds provide aging people with hope of being young again.

Ingredients : Skim colostrum milk powder

Recommended Dosage : Children (2 - 12 years old): 1 sachet per day.
Adult: 1 - 2 sachet(s) per day.

Direction of use : Mix 1 sachet into 200ml of lukewarm water (40°C) or cold water. Stir well and serve.


Children for growth and development
Adults for health maintenance and anti-aging
The elderly for increased strength and memory
Athletes for enhanced performance and recovery
Dieters for reduced body fat and increased muscle mass
Those have symptoms of health problems (flu, constipation, fever etc.)
Those are suffering from chronic diseases (arthritis,osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer etc.)
Those who are malnourished for improved nutrient uptake, enhanced energy and bone mass