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- Strengthen the immune system.

- Immune factors & regulators.

- specially caters for people with low immunity

- Promote body metabolism and delay cell aging.


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Alfalfa Chlorophyll

Feeling exhausted, no appetite, constant fatigue, susceptible to colds? These are the symptoms of reduced immunity. Modern busy life and unhealthy living habits such as unbalanced diets, lacking of sleep and exercises are the causing factors for mental fatigue, physical aging and abnormal immune system, ultimately leading to low resistance to bacteria, viruses and diseases. NewCo lgG plus that is fortified with additional lgG specially caters for people with low immunity.

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the most prominent antibody in the human serum, accounting for 70-80% of the total antibodies. It is the major antibody with great resistance to various bacteria and viruses. Supplementation of lgG supports the body's own resistance to disease in order to cope with the challenge brought by pressure of life and unhealthy foods on the immune function wherein the active IgG plays a key role.

Ingredients : Skim colostrum milk powder

Recommended Dosage : Children (2-12 years old) ----- 7.5 - 15g / 1-2 scoop(s) per day
Adult----------------------------------15 - 30g / 2-4 scoops per day

Direction of use : Mix recommended dosage into 200ml of lukewarm water (40ºC), stir well and serve. Feel free to vary the water level and temperature for your preference. Cocoa powder, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and other solid food materials may be added.


Improve calcium absorption and bone mineral density.
Strengthen immune system.
Provide nutrients essential for the normal metabolism, growth and development.
Reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, infection or injury whether from surgery or trauma.
Balance blood sugar and increase the breakdown of fat.
Support maternal and fetal health throughout the pregnancy.